Monday, February 23, 2009


Call me arrogant
Call me stubborn

But trust me when I say that I get very annoyed when I read someone's blog (heh, kepochi) and find that they are dishing out advices about things they've only gone through for less than a year.


I read one about LDR.
Saying you should have this this this in your character otherwise you are doomed to failure. GASP. How pragmatic. Pffbt. Life is NOT linear. It is in fact multi faceted. 

Although somethings mentioned were true.
Doesn't make it less ..... uhm pompous!

I'm clearly bitter at the fact that my boyfriend is 6700 miles away from me.


daniel said...

if you're talking about the person i think you are ... she's pissing me off to. her boyfriend's one also just as bad. some of it are true, but they talk as if they've been through it 10 years and are already pro at it.

were we ever like that though? haha

keShia* said...


ding ding ding!
issa correct!

yala cheh.
were we like that?

hope we weren't! :S