Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Itchy Bitchy Lemon Squeezy

In a way, I've been lucky.

God knows I'm terrible with routines and mundanity, so He's been nice and been giving me little breaks through out the week to keep me going.

Since I started working, there has not been one whole week of "boring" spells. Something will happen, and there will always be something that will.. uhm.. "break the mould".

To recall..
My first week was alright. Everyday was new, and at the end of the week, there was a "graduation dinner" for other trainees. My second week, I got sick. Took 2 days of MC, and then it was Chinese New Year already. Coming back, I've had exams after exams after exams. And then there was an office celebration of Chinese New Year. Then later in the week there was a birthday celebration!

The week after that was non-stop exams, so that took up lots of my time and energy. The week after that, I had to work on a public holiday, when there was NO AIR CONDITIONING ohgaaaaaawd. 

The next day the whole Sales Force went up to Genting for an Annual Conference where a whole bunch of awards were given out to appreciate the high achievers, and to motivate newbies and underachievers alike.

The week after the conference (last week), was my first week out on field! Monday spent with one senior, Tuesday with another, Wednesday till Friday pretty much on my own, and then on Friday night was a product launch as well as a personal drama mama happening!

This week... Hmm.
It's Tuesday.
Yesterday I got myself lost in Kepong AGAIN.
It's tough. It's so difficult, that area; but I swear I will conquer it! WITHOUT a GPS!
Today, I went to Rawang. I did it. I conquered Rawang. On my own! WITHOUT a GPS! All hail me, queen of Rawang roads (coughchokedie* because I actually stopped at Petronas to ask for directions hahahahaha fail!).

Tomorrow, I will go back to Kepong and FIND THAT ONE PLACE I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT FIND! ARGHH!

And after lunch hour, I'll go back to the office for training.
See? Never (so far)  a whole week of a mundane spell :)
Hope it keeps up.

I feel accomplished today. I cracked 3 deals :)

Sorry I don't post pictures.
I feel insecure posting pictures.

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