Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I am found in Your grace
Where love is Your embrace
Caught by your mercy
On the broken road I'm placed

As I walk on this road
Your light shines over me
Guiding every step I take,
Side by side with Thee

There's a love that has conquered me
Who's paid the price at calv'ry
Prince of Peace, Lord of Lords 
Died just to set me free

And by Your blood I am free,
With everything You've done
I am thankful for Thee
You my Lord who lives in me

You put the stars in their place
Where my eyes they stare and gaze
I'm amazed by Your mercy and grace...
I'm amazed by Your mercy and grace.


Music and Lyrics by: DEL and me :)
Trying to record this on my webcam and when I can, I'll try to UPLOAD it too.
With this connection, that may take a while.

There. Our first hymn :)

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