Monday, April 27, 2009

I Admit..

I am struggling.

With the whole weight-food-exercise issue.
OH MY GAWD how does anyone manage it properly?

If I don't exercise, I can't eat (much).
If I don't eat, I'm always tired and VERY grumpy and generally unhappy!

If I exercise, I HAVE TO EAT!
When I eat after I exercise, the calorie intake is 30 times more than my calorie burnt!
And after all that, I still am a hefty size with absolutely no curves to boot!


I'm realllllyy struggling.
It's not about skinny anymore.
It's about health.

But I cannot escape the whole skinny issue when that DARN MS PURNIMA TOLD ME I WAS PUSHING 70KG HOLY COW.

I don't want to be a cow :(

1 comment:

daniel said...

if she say you pushing 70kg ... and you say 70 kg is like a cow

then Ms Purnima must treat you like a goddess right? hahahaha