Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Watching Life Pass You By

Being dissatisfied with the currentness of your life is very ...
how should I say this, dissatisfying.

I watch people drive off in awesome cars T_T
I watch people live on their own in awesome apartments/condos/houses T_T
I watch people strut in awesome clothes T_T
I watch people do the things they love T_T
I watch people cuddle with the people they love T_T
I watch people get nice things T_T
I watch people just being happy T_T


I'm being very whiny and I hate it, but at the same time, I CANNOT HELP IT.
Why T_T
Why T_T

There comes a time in one's life where one should be LIBERATED, and do the things they love and want, have the things they want and love.

I need to earn money to do that kind of shit.

May God give me a rich husband T_T
No pressure.



daniel said...

cuddle your stinky pillow!

this is where religion comes in. want not! be happy with what you have! and ... other assorted happy bappy advice

debbeh woo! said...

*gives keshia a virtual BIGHUG* :)

other happy bappy advice includes...
thinking of kids in India and other degrading third world countries.

mingzi said...

I too watch ppl getting nice things just like that..
I watch ppl spending money like drinking mineral water...
And they don't even have to go to work to get that...
Life is unfair...wtf