Tuesday, May 26, 2009


That's the concept of the to-be built place we're going to live in... in 2 years?
Don't know, don't really care, but hey... I only MIGHT be living there ma :)


I bought a new camera! :D
It is AWESOME possum!

I don't post pictures on this blog though.
Gosh you don't know who's reading! 
(I've been very paranoid)


I super love Lite.fm
Screw Fly.fm and Hitz.fm because they play noise and not music. Terrible producers come up with terrible songs. Poor people with talent are subject to churn out rubbish. Rubbish that people apparently call gold. Or platinum. Tsk!

Support Lite.fm because they're very world-aware! :D We all need more people who are world-aware! :D

By the way
Go to "THEFACESHOP" in wherever/whichever mall nearest to you, and purchase this awesome thing called Blemish Balm, more affectionately known as BB Cream. It's awesome! The coverage is great, and it is a moisturiser, sun block and a make up base! Covers your pores/pimples without clogging it, and it looks really natural.

At first I was a bit weary cos I have quite dark skin, and all these weird Asian products for the face are usually too light and will make my face look like it has mould -_- ugh.

But this is awesome! Go try! Get samples, they're free :D 
I've used the sample twice now, and no complaints so far :) No break outs, it's not oily and it's gentle on the skin. Awesome, especially with my skin being bitchy these days ugh.

I will buy some when I'm not so pokai haha
(Wow sounds like an ad, but it's not!) :D :D :D :D

Go buy la -_-


I've had so much durian, and I just watched a video on how to make durian cake
CONFIRM I'm going to bake! :D


PS: New tag! This blog entry is under "boh liao" Hehehehehe


Mel O said...

BB Cream. I so need that. My skin is being a bitch lately too :(

keShia* said...

yes issa good! but i don't know how much :\

my sample still lasting me until now wor! i put only a thin layer everyday and it's sufficient enough to have good coverage! :)

better test if you're allergic to it anot first ok