Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hot Sexy Gorgeous

Isn't it awesome if your girlfriend/boyfriend was the hottest commodity around? Whether or not in just your circle of friends, or around town, or in the office or you know, wherever...

It's awesome to know that if you're the hot one, people all around you fight and get in line for your attention, but at the end of the day, you return to that ONE person who loves you. That ONE person who knows what makes you tick and tick like no clock can tick.

I personally think, that every girl and every guy should work to be "wanted".
Because nobody wants somebody who doesn't want himself/herself.
... Per se.

Do you get what I mean? Hmm.

Take Kris Allen, America's 8th Singing Idol.
He's married. Very happily married.
But fans everywhere are screaming "OMG KRIS YOU'RE SO SEXY" and "i love u kriss! <3">

Yea, and he's married, and loves his ONE and only wife :D
How sweet is that?? :)

I don't know. Its empowering.
Knowing if your husband/boyfriend (hasben/boipren) is loved and AAAAAAAADORED by so many many MANEEHHHH hot hot hot hot chicks, but he loves only YOU.

Nice feeling ma! :)

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