Saturday, May 23, 2009


I almost forgot I had this thing!

I'm in a better mood TODAY.
The week was shit, and technically.. it was just hot sun and sudden raining so it was more than shit. It was hot raining shit.

Plus the fact that I'm not getting any business, holy cow. Keel me nao.

But nevermind! All is well because I went shopping.
I bought myself ANOTHER bottle of perfume and some face masks, and uhhh.. white eyeliner. I don't know why I need a white eyeliner, but I bought it, so I have it.

Oh here's why la actually. Not REALLY why, but sort of why.
See. I went to the mall without any make up (wah so brave, I know). And then I was walking walking and thought of popping by this event thingy. And then I'd see people I'd know so then I get not-so-brave, so I immediately walked into a face/skincare shop to put on some eyeliner.

While I was there, I wasn't thick skinned enough to just put on some tester eye liner and walk out, so I bought face masks (which I needed ANYWAY), and then thought I'd smoothly walk over to the make up counter to put on some eyeliner. 

But then I got nervous and started asking about eyeliners like I was gonna buy some, and when I asked to test, the lady said yes.. and I should have just walked away, but she showed me a WHITE eyeliner and told me it's good to make small eyes bigger, so I took the bait (aka felt guilty for using tester eyeliner wtf), and bought the white eyeliner.

I'm an idiot, sometimes.
But I've watched SO MANY make up videos on youtube (so many, it's not funny, I'm crazy obsessed), and almost all of them (Asian ones anyway) tell me that I should put on white eyeliner at my waterline to make my eyes look bigger before putting on black/brown over at the lower lid.

Yeah, never got around to buying that white eyeliner despite always wanting to. So in a way I guess I should thank my push-over-ness because I finally got it today! :)

Okay tmrw test session.

***kerana mataku tak sebesar yg separuh india tu***


I hope I'll stay this happy for the next week.
Doubt it, but let's be optimistic :)



mingzi said...

dia tarak separuh lah, dia quarter saja..

Mel O said...

*terbatuk tercekik*

Why do I sense someone talking about me?

Thanks for mentioning me on your blog. I'm so proud. So honored.

Eh yea lah. I'm only quarter indian. Hahahaha. Don't add add my indian-ness okay? :P

mingzi said...

oh jangan tercekik, sakit hati kita orang kalau dahlingku tercekik..

we don't simply add ur indian-ness's just that we cannot not relate ur eyes and ur hair with ur indian-ness only, hahaha...

daniel said...

coconut water is good to cure cekik-ness :P

mingzi said... la, maybe have to quarantine her...
batuk then can tercekik summore, who knows if it's swine flu...

keShia* said...