Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Is for people with nothing better to do.

Sounds offensive, that's why this isn't posted up on facebook.

But it's true right
I mean, if it's not, then why do people go on a "break" from their blogging responsibility when they have exams, or extra work or.. wedding preperation, or I dunno, on holiday?

Because their time is BETTER spent, or maybe more accurately; their time is NOW spent on things that are MORE urgent.

Thus, concluding that blogging is for people who... have nothing better to do! In all it's wordal and verbal essence.

Unless it's their job, but still... bloggers are really just failed journalists. Why do I say so? Because journalists get PUBLISHED. Whilst the little orange button on blogger says "Publish Post", it is not massed produced in media whereby it is accessed to everyone. That's right, ACCESSED to everyone, not "everyone's accessible to it".

Like it or not, magazines and newspapers have made it to a level whereby WHATEVER it prints rings true. Whether or not they really are. Take our beloved Malaysian national newspaper, for instance. For all we know, it's garbage (as some already think it is), and for all we know, it may be TRUTH, FACT, LOVE, HOPE AND GLORY.

Bloggers who publish their stories, on the other hand, are only influencive to their already pre-selected/pre-chosen audience. There is no form of "obliging truth" in their product reviews or HAULS, or make up and fashion tips. There is no cencorship, not board of filters (which can be either good or bad), so technically, all you bloggers are merely just story-tellers.

Story tellers are awesome btw.

uh- hyuk.

But that being said, I've been posting my shit online for almost 7 years now. Super long. But that's also because I had nothing better to do with my spare time! In all frankness, this post is not meant to offend. It's really just meant to bring back meaning and reality into the lives of people who are blogging incessantly to get 1000 people coming into their site, so that they can boost up their self esteem.

I admit it is quite flattering to know that 1000 people read the words that you type and LIKE it (that's why they return, see). But really, when you take a step back and see what this world is turning into (YouTwitFace), it's quite pathetic.

Try having to go out with a bunch of people who are talking about what they were twittering about earlier in the day.


The ONLY semblance I can see to real ife in this situation is if they were talking about what they DID just now. You know, like an activity.. alcohol related or not. Whatever.

Just that, in this day and age, they're all trapped in the small but BIG world of internet.
Disgusting. Might as well recycle all the trees now because everyon'e talking about what they did online! Everybody can just sit in front of their 17" - 45" screen and have the time of their lives!


'Oh, but I earn money with it, are youuuu?'
Whatever. I earn money with my steady paying job. So should you.

But all this does not apply to you if you HAVE a life, and come online to have EXTRA life.
I'm talking about the weirdos who have no lives... and live the miserable bits left through Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

So sad. ugh.


daniel said...

i like to read your blog :)
since the brown blog days and i stalked your xanga ones too >:D

- your #1 fan :)

writer said...

sometimes i forget ah-poon is daniel. hahaha...

blogging is a desperate attempt to immortalise a moment, a day, an event, a thought, an idea. Even if it is as dull as rocks. =]

we want recognition that what has happened did really happen because even memories fail, and stories get taller with each telling. yet, we don't want to force our memories on others. we put it up instead with a big "come see what i did" sign.

we want our validation eh?


(this sounds like a good blog entry!)

keShia* said...

self validation- the reason for blogging hehee

i suppose it's a form of solidification. how memories are really just like liquid- they seep through your fingers as fast as you sneeze.

so WHO is it you're immortalising it for? yourself? or for others?

if for yourself, why public?
if for others, why censor?

i mean, unless it's a hobby ;P