Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Excuse me while I have a brain fart :)


There are many uses for yoghurt.
Plain yoghurt- not the flavoured or fruit-infused ones.
The plain greek ones are the best! :)

Undoubtedly, they taste disgusting on its own.
Rather, there IS no taste. Only a soft (but not soft enough) texture with a tinge of tartness that continues to linger in your mouth even after drinking water in attempt to flush it down your system. There is no cure for post-yoghurt mouth.

Okay, I lied- there is. In fact, this solution is also the same solution to ALL, and I mean ALL bad breaths and overstayed-tastes.


Serious one.
I don't lie.
You try and see!


Among the uses for yoghurt include
  1. To eat with cereal! In replacement of the overrated 'milk'
  2. To put into coffee! (same as the above)
  3. To put in cake batter! Amazing moisture and texture when it pops out the oven
  4. Replacement for coconut milk in curries- OMG. An awesome replacement, I might add
  5. A cure to a hot mouth- you know, right after eating a really hot chilli dish or something.
  6. When mixed with the right ingredients, it makes an amazing dip! :D
See! 6 different ways to use the plain old yoghurt :)

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