Monday, November 30, 2009

Test Make Up

I love make up!
I don't think that's been unclear, if anything, it's all I've been proclaiming! :)
Anyhow, I always muck up my make up for an important event. Like a special dinner or.. a wedding ceremony.. or.. I don't know, I just muck up when it's important! Ugh.

So tonight I wanted to just do a test run BEFORE I go out..
Just to see which look is best, I suppose.

I have a dinner to attend this Sat night, have NO idea what to wear, but since this time's test run is kinda bluish, I suppose I might just wear my blue dress :)

Didn't bother with my face/lips. Didn't prep anything, not even my brows. I just fiddled with the eyes :\

Halfway, don't know which colour's gonna pop out :S

After everythinggggg........


I'll test test out more looks in the coming week.
I have limited dresses but SO MANY eyeshadow colours! :D

Ps: Remember to remove ALL make up from your face before you sleep! No matter HOW exhausted you are!

Ps2: Make up should be removed THROUGHLY but gently :)

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