Friday, September 25, 2009


Yesterday I am ponder-ful, insightful (ahak*), and somewhat decent.
Today I am a raving ranting little bitch who cannot understand WHY OH WHYYYYY some people like to play the dork and think they look cute.

NO. NOT cute.
Sometimes. You are really just- dorky.
And not in the cute dorky secretary I'm so indie I don't care way.
Just. Dorky. Just. Disgusting.

Not to say I'm very cool la *uh-hyuck, push up black spectacles*, but SERIOUSLY.
Piss off.

I can't stand girls like that.



By the way :) I'm baking a cake that is VERY sexy.
SO sexy, one can only WISH to be half as attractive as that cake.
Now... let's see how attractive the cake can be once I'VE baked the flour, dough milk cream whatever.

Will keep you posted. Hopefully.. haha :)

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