Thursday, September 24, 2009


Oh how I am in love with Europe.
For a country I have absolutely no roots in, for a country with weather not fair nor temperate, or a country who rates me as second best...
Oh how I am in love with Europe.

The backdrop will NEVER bore me,
The quaintness will never elude me,
The charm of each brick and pattern will never escape me.

Oh how I am in love with Europe.

They say that what's yours you won't cherish and what's not- you will.
But like classical music or Elvis, it will never fade dim!

I wonder what it's like to wake up to a town you love to look at!
I wonder what it's like to see the same faces and cherish these strangers everyday
I wonder what it's like to love the pavement on which you are strolling on
I wonder what it's like to live the simple life in a simple town yet gain everything you'll ever need!

Ergh, how awful it is to strive for something you apparently need for something else you apparently don't want.

To live in the city has it's perks, but coming to realisation, the very need of a car is for the terrible traffic. The need to look good is to impress OTHER city folk or people you don't even like/want to know but may need to know. The need for money and a good house is necessary because the living conditions in the city is below sub par. The need for an air conditioner or air purifier (whichever) is mainly driven by the fact that the environment of urban decay is in fact- decaying... destroying our lungs and heart. Yuck.

With all these accessories away, I'm sure we won't be needing cars or fashion or huge amounts of money or a mansion. All we need is just good and simple food to keep us full, money to keep the quaint house quaint, and fresh air to prolong your life.

I've digressed.

Oh. Yea, the country-side of Msia is not exactly the exact epitome of awesomeness, though. Solely because political parties are clammering to own you, haha. And also the terrible equatorial weather. Sheesh.

This is why, I will MOVE TO EUROPE and be the only chink in a small french town with my chink husband living a happy isolated life. No need for fashion, no need for excessive amounts of money, no need for air purifiers, no need for lavish homes, no need for flashy cars and best of all.. no need of superficial networking :D

All I'd need is a house, a dog, a butcher, a market and the beautiful backdrop Europe gives out for free :D Oh, of course, a wok, electricity, gas and water supply :D


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