Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I count myself lucky to have D.
The way he totally gets me, even during online conversations.
Or the way I know what he's trying to say... (sometimes hehe)

We're not the luckiest of lucky couples, but I cannot say that I'd be happier without him. I'm unhappy without him, but I'm not happier without him.

It's hard to face the fact that we're apart, and even harder to speak to him whilste being so far away, because every sentence only reinforces the distance.

But being alone with my thoughts, and being alone with the thought of him... I count myself lucky. Because I know it could be alot worse. Like not having him at all, or having him but having him not love me.


The lump in my throat has decided to move to the back of my head. It gives me headaches.


I can't imagine having to wait for longer than December. As it is, I'm wilting.

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