Friday, September 04, 2009

Drugged up on Pain.

I hate that time of the month.

The cramps this time round, has been almost unbearable.
So unbearable, that I actually.. ACTUALLY took panadol in attempt to subside the pain.

It didn't go away. It lingered. To taunt me, every 5 seconds with its acute spasms, with its sharp and precise attacks. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH...

So painful, that my body told me to black out.
And so I did.

No not in the dramatic way where.. "badanku rebah dalam kesakitan", but more like I was already lying in bed in excruciating pain and then suddenly it's 7.30pm in the night and the sound of cutlery clinking away on plates woke me up *shy*

So now the pain isn't so bad anymore.
Which is why I'm sitting up typing this nonsense of a post.

Menstrual pain is such a bitch. Seriously.
This whole cycle is SO not cool.

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