Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Old and Boring

I went to look and read at my past archives and realised,

"hey, I'm quite funny ok"

(HAHAHA, is it weird to like to read your own posts? So self loving right haha), and now I'm all old and boring and shit :(

Crap lah, this is what working life does to you. It sobers up your soul and makes you all down to earth with no dreams what so ever. I rarely tell jokes or stories anymore.


Because I sold my soul to the company

I'm sure I can conjure up more stories aih aih aih
Will I ever be entertaining again T_T


Oh and btw hor, I shoved in a cd to reinstall my webcam, and WOAH, the sounds and noises Tyra (that's my laptop's name) is making is INCREDIBLE. Sounds like an old woman with osteoperosis creaking and crackling away!!

These days, I've been watching advertisements on the new HP Envy :)
Super nice lo! It's all shiny and slim and has all these... colours and awesome screen thingy and you know, looks great la!

But I have an sentimental and emotional attachment to this old klunker of mine because this machine has stuck with me since 2007 and also sat through winter in London and Nottingham :) It's served me well and just recently, I added a sailormoon sticker on Tyra, and I'm kinda in love with it again hehehe :D

See? This is Sailor Moon, don't mess!


OK! My webcam is installed already! I'm so excited! I can now have quick camwhore moments(ahak, not really), and record some of my experimental things!! :D

Oh yea talking about webcam :)))))

I love my webcam :) I used to have dinner with D over the webcam in London :D It was a bit pathetic, but also DAMN SWEET ok. You cannot deny how sweet it is (hahaha)!!

We went through LDR for the first year of our relationship and in our second we still spent most of it apart, but THANK GOD it was in the same country and thus the SAME time zone, therefore we can eat dinner together!! :D So we'd turn on our webcams and eat together, we'd show each other the pile of... gunk on our plates and then say grace (sometimes, if the connection doesn't lag), and then dig in! :)

My staple dinner as a student :)

Good memories :)

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