Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Weddings Weddings!

3 weddings in December.
The fourth I cannot attend *cry*

I look gross right now btw
I just realised how DARK my under eye circles are!
I need... bleach! Skin bleach!

Ah yes, and a threading session.

I love the results of threading! It's awesome!
So amazingly neat and straight and.. kempt!


By the way, ladies shouldn't carry 5kgs of weights.
I'm bulking up!
Quite quickly too :S

But I think it will go platonic in a while.
So imma use TWO hands to lift so technically that's like 2.5kgs per hand right?
Does it work that way?

This exercise + diet thing is so difficult. No wonder it's not popular, hmph!


I have abandoned my poor camera.
And it's still so new!
Wait wait, I have a bulk of photos to upload, just never got to it.
Oh yea! Thailand photos are still stored in there!

That's the problem with having a boyfriend with a big ass SLR and you have a puny little punkish point and shoot. You get lazy cos the pictures he takes are the same pictures you take, and his will come up MUCH better.

Totally outshined ok.

I yearn for the pentax now.
sigh :(

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