Sunday, November 22, 2009


I'm going to the tailors to go sew back a dress I sold off when I was in England :)
I really liked that dress. It was red, my ONLY red dress.

Sold it cause I had no money at the time, but it's okay-- it fit my house mate much better than it did me anyway :\

That being said, I'm going to go buy cloth and make some new favorite dress so I can feel good (and look pretty) in it :)

Been looking up some standard designs and stuff, nothing seems to tickle my fancy except for that one green dress Jeniffer Lopez once wore to the Oscars. It was almost Greecian, almost Indian, one shouldered toga/saree-like dress :)

Google didn't have a nice picture of her in it, so I'll just post one that looks like it :)

I quite like :)

On the other hand, the red dress I sold, was MIGHTYYYYYY flexible. Not only was it lycra, it was also multi-wear! As in, it could be a halter neck, it could be a one-shoulder, it could be a tube dress, OR a skirt. How awesome is that you tell me? :)

Oh and speaking of multi-wear, about a year ago I bought this kariza dress/skirt thing and it had like... I don't know, 12 kinds of different ways to wear it or something. And so far, I've only worn it as a wrap skirt (what a waste)! I should go try tying it into a dress/toga or something and see how that turns out.

Many many weddings coming up and I have a cupboard full of unworn pretty dresses, and YET I still have nothing to wear :\

Being a girl is hard, okay? :(

EDIT: eh wait!!!! I think it isn't sold! Should go look for it!
EDIT EDIT: pffbt, lost already I seriously don't remember where I had it/last saw it! :(

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