Friday, December 25, 2009


Not only is it the time to cherish and appreciate the closeness of family members, it's also a time to remember the greatest bestest gifts that people around you have so kindly offered to you in a prettily wrapped box :)

And as we remember the love that mankind has to offer, I hope we can also remember that this is the day that Christians celebrate God's gift of love to mankind-- when baby Jesus was born! :D

In a lowly, dirty and dingy manger no less.

JUST so Jesus will know and remember the roots of which He came and thus gives us assurance that He was truly one of us.

God's love in man-form :)


My olddddddddddd (super duper old like CRAZY OLD) christmas tree.
It's so old, and like any man (and some women too) it is balding.
We love it nonetheless! :D

This year we added more baubles (the balding was getting a wee bit more apparent than we'd like), some glittery snowflakes, and more lights! :D

I love my christmas tree <3

Merry Christmas, everybody!
I love you all! :D

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