Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Eve of Eve.

Allow me (or rather bear with me) to tell you how I spent Christmas 2 years ago! :)
It was 2007 and I was in Nottingham, so Christmas was spent intimately with D!

It was the holidays and I had no family around so I went over to Nottingham to spend winter break :) We did all kinds of things like go out sight seeing, shopping, watching movies on the laptop, cook up storms, ate amazing ice cream and I had SO much fun! :)

Look at the soft and chewy marshmallows swirled into rich creamy chocolate ice creampeppered with fish-shaped dark chocolate chunks! How can anybody resist this?

Phish Food is the shizzzzzzzzle*


Anyway, just reliving my happier moments of Christmas :)

Not to mention, it was my FIRST Christmas spent with D as his girlfriend! UK students don't usually come home in December because the break isn't long enough to warrant an air ticket home so I never got to spend Christmas with him before! Exciting!

So THIS Christmas (2009), will be the second Christmas I'd have with him :)
But it will be different, I guess.. Because now our time is hugely divided between families and church and activities and stuff :(

Not complaining! :D


The place we frequent most was the city square where the clock tower is. It's the prettiest part of the city with a water feature, some steps and of course, the big ass clock to tell the time :)

Most of the special stuff is put there. Like during Christmas, the big Christmas tree is there. Oh! The Eye of Nottingham was also there :)

Anyway, Christmas treeee!

We got free candy :)

Because public transportation would be down and out for the drivers to celebrate Christmas, we had no way into the city to have any food/recreation on Christmas day itself.

In the morning we went for a Christmas service in a church situated just outside the University Hall of Residence.

It was quaint, and there were little little kids that went up to tell everyone in the audience what they got for Christmas! Just any and every kid went up! Not shy one! So sporting and SO SO cute. I mean, omgla, blonde baby boy with blue blue eyes :D :D :D


Dinner time! :)
We decided to cook decadently and bought a nice (on discount) pork steak! :D

Stuffing it with garlic and marinating it with herbs and butter 'D:

Poon almost NEVER lets me do the cooking. Or the dishes, in fact. You may think it's nice and sweet and kind and oh-so-amazing, but really, his reason is that he doesn't like my cooking and doesn't think that I'm a good cook! >:(

He says that I'm only good at frying vegetables and making chowder >:(

The rest all fail

Celaka punya budak.

But he is a sweetheart about the dishes though :) I don't last long washing dishes because it hurts my back like omg super pain!!!! And he kesian me so he does all the washing. Ya, also he's more efficient lah *twiddles thumbs*

Baked potato with cream cheese for our carbs!
He let me be in charge of the potes (potatoes) though! Cos he knows how much I loooove potes! :D AHAHA. I really like potatoes ok. I can eat mash everyday for the rest of my life. Chips or mash, I can live on it!


Served with corn :)

Drink of the season: Schwepps awesome lemonade!!!!

It's really REALLY good! I know it's just lemonade, and you may say that all lemonade tastes the same and in fact your mother can make better lemonades than schwepps can offer you in a plastic bottle, BUT I BEG TO DIFFER!!!

This lemonade was really... kao with lemon. The moment you drink it, or even!!!! The moment the liquid even comes CLOSE to your palette (*swallow saliva*), you can taste the fragrance of it!

BEST OF ALL it was super cheap.
omg T___________T my hands cry in memory of the blisters

Worth it :)

I also took the opportunity to find out what a real gingerbread man really tastes like! :)
I'm glad to say: IT'S AWESOME! I absolutely love gingerbread men! :D

I don't like ginger-- I don't like the smell, texture and taste.

So at first I was hesitant to try gingerbread men... but still stubborn, MUST try and NEED to try at least ONE bite of it in my life! :)

So we bought one from GREGGS (my ultimate favourite bakery in England) :D

My first bite of it was a bit.. confusing. I've never had ginger mixed into a pastry and have it so sweet like that. Bitter, spicy and awful memories linked with ginger since I was a kid had messed with my head, so that first bite of gingerbread man in my mouth was really ... confusing and unknown.

But the second bite was really good, and so was the third bite, and fourth bite and fifth bite! Until D had to say "Eh, gimme some!"

Then only I gave him a bit to try
(I'm a greedy piggy heheheheeh)

He also likes it hehehe :D (competition!)

Since then, we bought gingerbread men every other day for snacks!!! :D
It's so yummy!!!!

This one from Sainsbury-- Got chocolate buttons :D
The best way to eat a gingerbread man is to BITE OFF THE HEAD FIRST!!!
Mwahahah :D


Aiya :(
I miss England :(

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