Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Shopping

I love christmas shopping!
I like getting gifts for people, I really do!

It's super fulfilling when you see something at a shop/stall and go "WOW this is so cool, it's so *insert name here*, I will get it for him/her!!!"


And you hold that little bag in your hand, and get home to wrap it, and hope with excitement that the fella will like it and really go "OH WAH DAMN NICE WEIH"


And I'd like to think that I'm a great gift giver too. Because I really give thought into what I buy/make for my recipients! *gloat gloat gloat* Well at least I try, and HOPE >.< that my recipients like my presents hehe (as badly as they may be wrapped, uhyuk!).


But this year, I don't think I'll be getting as many gifts as I would prefer for as many people as I used to :(

2 Reasons!
  1. I don't have money! The company took me off payroll and hasn't given me a cheque yet! So I don't know when it'll come :( boooo
  2. My investments have bad returns *ahem frown*

Only the few CLOSEST ones will get presents this year :D
So quality will > quantity for sure!

That being said...
I've drawn up a list, and hopefully my budget will not pao.

But fret not!
I will bake (hopefully) awesome fudge cookies for everyone else :)

In fact, I think I'm more excited to make the fudge cookies than I am to go Christmas shopping!

So here's a good wish to everyone who's reading:
May you get awesome, personalised and wonderful gifts for Christmas this year :)

Oh ya, and to have a great time with your family <3

Have yourself a wonderful time reflecting on God's greatest gift to mankind-- JESUS! :D

I love Jesus, I really do :) He's awesome!

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