Saturday, December 19, 2009

Spot 'O Whine.

As much as it is logically sound and positively practical to live under the roof of your parents, I will admit that it has not been easy.

This statement excludes the "nagging" and occasional questioning about my whereabouts and tidiness (EHHH, I'm not that messy ok *shifty eyes*)

I may not be extremely wise in my years or even the most mature 22 year old there is out there, and I'm certainly not as underprivileged as some, but I think I have some cause to be weary about!

While colleagues look on with envy at the fact that I still live with my parents, don't pay for rent, and have free home cooked meals-- sometimes it's really just the case of having the green grass on the other side.

I admit, when I was studying and living alone in the UK, I sometimes craved for someone to cook for me and more importantly wash my dishes for me.

BUT!! I also have to come to terms with the fact that I really liked living alone. After all, what's a little homesickness in exchange for independence and peace of mind?

Just today my mother commented, "Sometimes you are so matured, but other times you do things without thinking, just like a little girl"

At that moment, I felt like flaring up, mucking up, letting up and even felt a hiccup, a fart and a sneeze coming! I think an explosion would have been the appropriate response. Such distracting and unsettling words. I took such offense.

Then the topic strayed to money management. I'm not here to defend myself but as far as I'm concerned, I manage my finances pretty damn well. Much better than most, I might add. *Indignant*

Maybe she sidetracked and talked about things she didn't intend to, or merely just blurted something out for the sake of saying something-- Fine, fine, benefit of the doubt.

Older adults call it "not being able to handle discipline" and even "spoilt". Especially when after, they bring up stories about how they used to be when they were my age.

I call it "losing grip"

Maybe it is at this time, when parents are finally realising that their children no longer really actually need them, they start to lose grip and try their utmost to hold on to whatever "string" they have left and then mistakenly translate that insecurity into possesive-ness and dictatorship.

AS MUUUUCH as I love my parents, cherish them, honour them and admire them. Some decisions are mine to make, mine to live with, and mine to revel in.

Respect needs to work both ways when your child has the physical and mental capacity to acquire their own money. Because this means, they not only subject themselves to their parents authority, they also subject themselves to the authority of bosses, managers and seniors. Not to mention handle all kinds of pressure and juggle multiple responsibilities!

Better to work away from home, eh?

Parenting isn't easy, but one can't really believe that being their child is any easier?

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