Thursday, January 07, 2010


I've come to a decision.
Let me make it known to the employer first before I let you all in on it k?! :D

Thank you for readin my amazin mood swings.
They're epic, let me tell you.
If I could document every other hour of my life (NO I REFUSE TO GET TWITTER!)
You'd be very pissed off because I'm so fickle and so mood swingy!


To JoJo who called to ask me about the interview, you are priceless, thank you so much! The call meant so much to me because wah I felt so loved and I wasn't expecting it :) HAIYA I sayang you <3

To Mel who (made me so kam tong) followed me to KL to rationalise with me over chilli cheese fries, THANK YOU OMG THANK YOU, and then I made her behind schedule with her work OMG I'M SORRY SO SORRY :(
But in essence, thank you so much for your input :)

But mostly to D who patiently listen to me argue with myself, being the enemy to both sides, listening to me rant and rationalise, ask me specific questions, always encouraging me, and spurring me on :) I LOVE YOU! :)

kthxbai! :D


Mel O said...

No worries la darling! I'll do anything for you *teary* I'm sure you made the right choice and you'll definitely find a good and better job :)

Joanne, Zuo-en said...

HAIYAA...i sayang u too :D i needed the call as much as you did. u takes a care ya ya?? hehe...