Thursday, January 07, 2010


Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Driving me mad.
ok not really

I think I've got the offer.
It's only about me taking or leaving the job.

The job's not what I expected.
THE FIELD is not what I had previously expected.
My bad for not finding out more than what the internet has to offer, but the interview has proved to open more than just doors.

Right now my concerns are... ugh.
Should my decision be made based on the weighing of pros and cons?
Or should it be done based on gut feeling.
It can also be done based on logical thinking and long term vision,
But that can also lure me into over thinking things.
Or maybe just be driven by the sheer fear of being completely penniless.

What to do?
What to think?
What to say?

I hate it when the ball's in my court and I don't seem to have a racquet at hand :(

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