Thursday, January 07, 2010


I had a weird looking number on my cell phone this morning marked as a missed call.
Clearly, it was local because of the area code, but then what threw me off was the number of digits there were following that!

In this country, there are only 8 digits following the area code. Unlike the UK or the US, where there are several numbers! Like my old UK cellphone number which was something like 07864002049 or something, I can't really remember. SUCH a tedious amount of digits to remember! I have to always break it down to three parts to memorise! :(

Anyway (I always digress sigh)

I gave that number a call, and the FIRST thing I heard was, "Good morning, Synergy".

Then as per usual, the line got cut off, I yanked the cellphone off my ear and looked at the screen in disbelief as to why it got cut off. Why is it that I keep looking at it in disbelief, when I already know it's not uncommon for calls to just DROP. Urgh.

Okay anyway,

I called back AGAIN, and was transferred here and there.
Nobody knew who called me and I didn't know why they were calling me.

Finally someone asked me for my name and contact number for "cross reference" sake, and casually mentioned that "SYNERGY" was a recruitment firm.


I thought the recruitment agency was going to tell me some kind employer out there was going to hire me! Me??? Lil 'ol me?? I was beginning to think nobody wanted to hire me! I've applied to so many companies already and still.. nothing!

And let me tell you, I was pretty excited.

Then I realised,
"HEEEEEEEEEEY, I didn't sign up for any recruitment services!!! Dodgy much!!!!"

Before I could say anything, I was transferred to some guy and after that to another man, of which then.. the call dropped AGAIN.

*chokes and dies*
The reception up top at my place is crap.

However, the kind company called back, and this time, an English man greeted me.

"Hello, good afternoon, this is Greg*** from Synergy."
"Hi Greg***, I'm Keshia, I'm actually just returning the call from this morning. I wasn't able to pick it up" (actually I was still sleeping hahaha)
"Yes, that's alright, now look, Keshia? You sent us an application, didn't you?"
"Uhh.... *shifty eyes*, yes I did" *Panic! I don't remember which application I sent! I sent 12!!!*
"Alright, would you mind answering a few questions then?"
. (confidential information)
"So when will you be able to come in for an interview?"
"Anytime, really. Tomorrow's fine, or the day after?"
"I'll see you tomorrow at 10.30 am"


***Name not real

After the conversation, I rushed to my laptop and logged on to jobst reet to find out WHICH DARN COMPANY was named Synergy I applied for! Quite frankly, I don't remember applying for such a company, so naturally, I panicked and looked it up online.

Then I remembered!

At 4am this morning (I slept at 6), I signed up for mons ter . com and applied for ONE company.
Only ONE company, and THAT was the company that called me back!

The irony of it all is that, I signed up for jobst reet about 3 months ago, applied for 12 different jobs, of which NONE of them have gotten back to me, and out of 12, 3 have already rejected me.

THISSSS MORNING, at the ungodly hour of 4am, I signed up for the OTHER job engine, applied for ONE that very hour, and I get an interview the next working day.


To think, I refused to sign up for monst er because I thought jobst reet was better.


By the way, the company's name isn't Synergy.
The receptionist may have a pronunciation problem?

Wish me luuuuuuuuuckhhhhh!
Imma try and get my desired job :)

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