Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I don't know about you, but I have been an internet junkie since I was 12. That's crazy, especially when I was 12 in the year 1999. The availability of the internet in this forsaken country was here only in 1998! Or was it 1997.

Anyway, I had a neopet. It's not too different from a Tamagochi or even a Digimon. Except, it isn't portable like the two abive. It's just stuck in the portal of the world wide web! In it's own little neoland or something. AH! It's called Neopia hehehe

Anyway, I was wondering whether it still existed, LO AND BEHOLD it does!
So I signed up for a pet! I've forgotten how it all works... whether I had to fight for food like a pokemon or if I had to work or just.. chill out. And look pretty haha. I think the pets play games or something!


But I'm somewhat thrilled!! Since I'm basically UNemployed right now, I thought I could rare a cute little neopet to pass the time :)


Mel O said...

I used to play that too!! I was so engrossed with Neopets I tell you!! Ehhh now you make me wana play that again hehehe

keShia* said...

heheheh it's a bit different now!
so many pets to choose.
die man, i keep playing games to get money and then buy buy buy things hahah