Friday, January 22, 2010


Please tell the voice in your head that reads this to have a tone of  frustration. It makes more sense that way. And I won't feel so alone :)


I have a full and VERY clear distinction between a man and a boy.

Boys are everywhere. Just point at any male species, he's probably a boy.
A MAN, however... is difficult to find.

It is of utmost importance to educate boys on how to be men! I don't care if you are 13, or 30. Age shouldn't be the defining measure of manhood! Just the other day, Jojo posted on her facebook stating how she is so frustrated with males who are not chivalrous enough. Men who don't know how to be men really piss me off!!!

Oh how they lack the decency (or knowledge, whatever) to take care of a girl/woman when they are out! Oh how disappointing it is! *drama*

Let me remind EVERYone of you, male or female-- that it is the DUTY of the male species to look out for the girl. Yes, the social and civil duty of the boy/man to take care of the girl/woman when he is out with her. Be this in a group setting or a one-on-one setting.

Guys, don't tell me you don't know what to do, or tell me that the girl is very big sized and is capable of taking care of herself.

Your mother didn't teach you better, is it?!

Even though we women have come a long way in terms of rights and opportunities, it is unfair to assume that all women are fighting for feminism! Most women fight for EQUALITY! Hence "equal opportunity". Only some crazy women decided that feminism is the way! Nothing changes the fact that a man is physically stronger than a woman! It would be foolish to say that women are JUST as strong as any man, if not stronger (don't even think of a woman body builder vs. your brother. Complete failed example, dumbnut). Men are still biologically stronger than women purely by the structure of his muscles and bones (pain tolerance/threshold is a different matter).

So, please boys (or men)... read these next few lines and memorise it. Carve it in your hearts and hope to dear God that you will one day reenact the things you have read in front of women/girls you are out with.

  1. NEVER! And I really mean never-- let a girl walk behind you. EVER!
  2. ALWAYS! And I really mean always-- check on girls. Are they okay?
  3. NEVER! And I really mean never-- leave her alone without prior notice
  4. ALWAYS! And I really mean always-- make sure she is seen to her doorstep.
  5. NEVER! And I really mean never-- help yourself without helping her first.

These are the 5 golden rules.
Abso-freaking-lutely golden.

I won't even go into the "try to"s because I know you boys have the attention span of a pea. But to be fair, mine is but the size of an almond. Okay maybe 3/4s of an almond, FINE.

But when all is said and done..
Guys, we girls love you. Why else do we want you to protect us so much??
Get a clue, dammit!


JTChun said...

unless of course. the girl wants this huge space between. that any attempts at chivalry presents itself as a invasion of her space.

JTChun said...

eh i can comment! =p

keShia* said...

koko joshua: this girl you are referring to is like that exactly because boys have failed to step up to their roles and responsiblity! if the girl is accustomed to having boys/men around her to take care of her, why must she be so hardened to the idea of someone who wants to help her?

you mean to say that if you were to attempt to open the door for a lady she could very well misunderstand your actions as "invading" her private space?? that's odd!

and yes :) you comment! :D should keep commenting hehehe

Joanne, Zuo-en said...

amen sista!!! preach it!!! loving this very much! u totally took the words out of my mouth :)

shereen said...

truest post ever!
when will they learn. =/