Monday, February 15, 2010

Bella in Malacca

Blogging on my berry! Her name is Bella :)

Its been hothothot in Malacca and the heat is good enough to drive you insane! My saving grace-- iced isotonic drinks. Also, thank God for fully air-conditioned malls! *dies*

I have to say, I love being around family and having not to worry abt work muuuuch more than the idea of Chinese New year itself. But hey, whatever, right? Its the reason we're all here anyway. Hopefully tmrw we'll get to do some ol' school sightseeing around the old town cos its been a good 15 years since we last saw the A'Famosa ruins. Also hoping for some hot chilli lunch in the afternoon at the Portuguese settlement :) chilli on a hot day to me, is like hot coffee on a hot sweltering afternoon to you! I love chilli! How to live without it?? Cannot-- that's what!

Okaylah, nothing to say. I'm bored.
Happy Valentines day btw! My boyfriend doesn't sunscribe to the commercialism, so I'm Valentine-less every year :/ would anyone send flowers to a taken girl? :( pretty please? Heeheehee :D

As much as I quite like it here, I'm quite eager to go home and get back "on track" with work and life. I refuse to infuse life into this place because this is HOLIDAY-- not work-- holiday! Some well-deserved (maaaaybe?) Rest and reeelaaaxxaationnnnn* hehe :)

Okay wait, I take the "work" part back :(
Boo :(

Ps: I'm serious abt the flowers k! *cheeky*


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