Sunday, February 07, 2010

Dr's Orders.

So I've been down with a little bug over the week.

I finally got my butt to the doctor's office on Saturday after having daddy bring me.
I'm still (at the end of the day) a daddy's girl. I hate paying for my own doctor's bills :(
I still feel that daddy should pay cos when I'm sick, I'm all little girly again :(

So he did! And I went!

I'm not really down with anything serious.
Just an inflammed throat, and it's causing a lot of other little annoying problems!
Like the runny  nose, and the irritation (cough), and the headaches, and the mild fevers every now and then.

So this dr was kind enough to let me off antibiotics (I HATE HATE ANTIBIOTICS), and told me to take some anti inflammatory medication for the throat (cos if you treat the problem, all symptoms will be relieved!) :)

Dr's orders for the day to help relieve my throat:
  • No alcohol (I broke this rule the same night. FAIL)
  • No cold water
  • No yelling 
  • No singing
  • No oily food

Chinese New Year is coming!!! There'll be lots of yelling and cold alcohol, and amazing yummy delicious tasty mouth-watering scrumptious delectable (I'm just showing off my adjective skills hahaha) fried foods and oily soups!! 

Now, EVERYTHING also cannot touch! RAWR!

Pooooooooooooooh :(

Also, a myriad of other skin problems were bothering me and so I brought it up. The doctor diagnosed me with excema (!!!). This particular kind of excema left me with I was 9, so I was quite surprised to hear that it's back (with a vengeance!!).

Anyhoo. Other than some cream based steroid momethasones that he prescribed me with, he gave me some tips about moisturising. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? A young(ish) male doctor is telling me (a girl) how to moisturise my skin!

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I've been moisturising ALL wrong this past few (inconsistent) years! What you're supposed to do (if you want to moisturise), is to first take a shower. This puts your skin in a moist condition.

Straight after your shower, pat yourself dry, but don't rub off ALL traces of water droplets. Leave yourself slightly damp.

And in this time of dampness (some dripping water from your hair may also help), SLATHER on as much moisturiser (with collagen or with extra oils or wtv) as you can all over your body. Massage it in till it dries out and then go about doing what you normally do.

I asked why not just put on moisturiser before you sleep? More convenient, no?

Apparently, moisturisers don't GIVE moisture. They merely LOCK in the moisture already in your skin. So if you moisturise really dry skin, there's not gonna be any marked improvement. You're just going to stop further drying. No improvement, NOTHING!

So by locking in moisture from a bath/shower, you're keeping in all the water/moisture in your skin, to make amazing soft and smooth skin!

I did this yesterday, and I woke up with the softest skin ever in my entire life (Baby skin doesn't count!)! Just ONE try, and I can feel the difference! Of course, I still see my scaly skin from previous abuse (years of not moisturising enough/properly, constant going out into the sun etc), but I think if I keep it up, there will be good results! :D

I'm not privileged to have flawless/good skin, so this tip really helped me and I hope it helps you too :) Whether you are male OR female, your skin should be taken care of because it's the ONLY skin you're going to wear until you grow old! Hair may grow and nails may be clipped, but the skin on your body is irreplaceable!

Okay guys, take care and I hope you don't fall ill in the crazy erratic weather Chinese New Year brings :) It's all hot and wet and hot and wet-- the perfect condition for bacteria and viruses to thrive so bulk up on the antibodies to keep away nasty colds :)

Lots of love


Nblh Nz said...

wow, i never know about the right way to use moisturizer. thx for the sharing!

(sorry i popped out anonymously, accidentally dropped here :P)

keshia said...

Nblh: Neither did I, to be honest! :) Till the doctor told me :) So now I share this with you all! :D Spread the good advice hehehe

Thanks for popping by :)

Kay Jen said...

i just found out the moisturizer thing this year too -_- 18 years of doing it all wrong! buh.
i'm not complaining though :D at least it works now! heeh.

keShia* said...

kayjen: mmhmm!