Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sore Nose/Throat

Oh hello

Let me start with:


I don't know how many of you have experienced this, but whenever I put the air conditioning on too cold or the fan speed too high, my nose and throat will dry up and when I wake it's TOTALLY SORE and makes me feel like a fever's coming! :(

And usually. A fever does come :(

So I suppose I will be getting sick in the next 2 days over the weekend or something :(
Ugh. I hate getting like actually sick -_- I've had illnesses here and there... like just a cough or just a flu. I exceptionally hate it with the triple whammy comes. As in, fever, cough and cold (with maybe my menses to add to the suffering. TMI, I know hehe)

It means I'm totally bedridden and I'm going to be totally broke (medical bills *cry*).

Yesterday I was SO tired, I must have forgotten to turn the air conditioning up (to make it less cold), and today I feel like a big pile of elephant shit. UGH.

I'm bloating up, I'm sick-ing up, and my face has pimples like I'm back in puberty!
(Ah, but puberty never left me so pffbt)


I'm also broke.

help :(


Jon Ming said...


hehe. hello. i was just browsing my msn list and i saw your blog link. =)

keShia* said...

jonming: hehe yes! that's how you REALLY say it. unlike how your brother says it. he says it like "keeshor" which is totally another person's name -_-

i sometimes visit your blog! keep updating pls! :) i like hehe

Irene Green The writer said...

cost of health care is going up because politcan are paid by insurance comapanies not to agree and mess the health bill. I you get better and not fall into debt.

keShia* said...

thanks irene :)