Sunday, March 28, 2010


D loves me :) He tells me everyday *beams* and I'm very happy he does!
I'm really really blessed :)

He also takes pictures of me and manages to make me look quite presentable even on my ugly and UNGLAM (pronounced as: oonglahm) days. HAHAHA..

Okay I kid, UNGLAM is short for un-glamorous. Boo you if you knew what it meant because I didn't, and now Debbeh and Naya are laughing at me :( They said I'm kampung! So bad right :(


We went shopping for work attire today! :)
Congratulate me because I bought my FIRST pair of tailored pants today! Fingers crossed I don't put on more weight lest I get the dreaded muffin top over these NON-STRETCHABLE PANTS (omg).
I don't think I've ever owned anything NON-STRETCHABLE (this word has to be in caps because it's so dreadful!) because my weight fluctuates too much!


Okay! Help me decide, please :)

This shift dress is cool cos it has functional pockets!
Black- schiffon, satin, and some minor detailing at the neckline. Little too short.
Not totally uninteresting but not completely mesmerising either :\

I have a soft spot for this one but OH the price tag! :(
Floral- Stretchy (hallelujah!), fitting, belted and slit up at the back for max comfort.
Sleeved so it's totally ok for work! 

This is D's fave but I don't fancy the mini "flap skirting" at the waist.
Black- Jersey, stretchy, nicely boned around the upper torso
One-piece that looks like a 2 piece.

I have decided to limit myself to ONE dress and I'm only seriously considering the second one. But D is forcing me to consider the third one too cos he likes it, hm.


shereen said...

can you wear the third one for work cause of the sleeveless thing?

black kinda gives out a "i'm-professional" message but in the end just get something that makes you feel confident... like you can take on the whole world when you wear it. :)

keShia* said...

Shereen: Sleeveless not a problem for normal day time work... just that I'm not so brave to bare my fatty arms around like that kekeke.. I'd still needa put a jacket over the dresses :\

I gave it some thought-- I may not buy any of the 3 :(

icemanblogger said...

all fits.... not bad at all... beauty is from inside... outer is just what people think..

keShia* said...

iceman: thanks! :) yes beauty comes first from the inside then resonates on to the outside :)

Naya Ahmad said...

paging miss keshia!

get the first one la. it's for work right so you need something you can wear all the time. the second one is nice fo sho, but the pattern makes it difficult to recycle over and over again. later wah ling says THAT DRESS AGAIN AH, then how? hahahah.

i say first dress (cause i opinion totally matters), cause you can do so much more with it. i think the third dress is called a peplum dress? i may have spelt that wrong hahaha. if apoon likes it so much ask him to buy it for you damn straight!

keShia* said...

nayaaaaa the first one is really abit short! don't think it's very appropriate :(

i've decided! all three is a NO GO! after looking at the pics I now don't see what I was so perplexed about in the first place! Even the flower one looks ugly now ahahha.

JTChun said...

lol. 3rd one sexy ma. rest biasa aje

keShia* said...

joshua: hahaha where got!