Friday, March 19, 2010


I knew there wasn't a GIANT man inside Big Bird!!!
I also never noticed how BB's other hand never moved?
Hmmm.. is there any instance where both BB's hands were movin? Gotta find out!

That being said, Big Bird's my least favourite character in Sesame St.
He's an overgrown chicken who's probably castrated (why else is his voice to girlish??)

Boo Big Bird!


shereen said...

i've never liked sesame street >.<

Micha Midnight said...

That's funny. When I first found out about the only one hand moves thing, I was like, omg, that's totally true! Actually, it moves with the controlled hand. But it's interesting to watch again after this epiphany. :)

aimay. said...

... i feel sorry for whoever is in that bird... with his hands above his head like that. i remember i injured my hand and had to stand like that in the shower... my arm got so sore.

vinodkumar said...

its really a nice one to laugh about that bird, and first time i came to know that man inside has to do so much work inside...all your posts are cool and i enjoyed every post...
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Joosje said...

came across your blog, it's awesome!

keShia* said...

hehe thanks, everyone!

aimay: yea, hard work!

shereen: GASP!! how cann!!! then what did u watch as a kid??

micha: hehe, yeah.. i found this lyin around the internet and it made sense! :)