Monday, March 22, 2010

Teds vs Puds

No pride in winning this game :(
Was the referee paid off?



Slept MOST parts of the day-- I'm so dead, cos I can't sleep :(

By the way, I'm the happiest girl in the world now :)
Because I have both Hello Panda and Pocky!! :D

Oh, and I've also just  up for Pilates classes, and this last Saturday was my first lesson.
I'm not aching in places I didn't (and never) know could ache! Mad. Name a body part-- IT'S ACHING.
But I hope this Pilates thing is worth the pain. I heard it strengthens the back and core muscles and tones you up nicely too!



Update 2:

Okay, sleepy time :)


JoannaFT said...

OH YES. pilates works. especially once ur on the reformer, its hardcore.
I did it last semester and it helped me a lot in dance. Missing out on it this year though :(

I NuM SeI O qUe La said...

É o blog anterior a esse...
Vocês vão amar

keShia* said...

jo: yea the reformer... maybe a later stage haha