Sunday, March 14, 2010


The long hot day is over and big splats of rain that looks like it would hurt you if it hit you is starting to litter the streets and walls of my neighbourhood.

Very soon, pattering turns heavy rain and the smell of rain starts to rise up and fill my room. I hear the droplets hit against my glass window. The first splat slides down and a little tadpole forms.

More and more surface. They swim about in random direction and start to wet my window sill.

Now the wind howls quite violently.
The doors are slamming, my picture frames are rattling.

It would be scary if you were here for the first time. But I've been living here for more than a year so I'm used to it. But still.

I don't hear the thunder, but I see white light flashing through my home. From one end of the wall to the other. Only a grumbling roar follows suit.

The walls outside flood with water running down from top to bottom. Like a vertical river. It slushes and flows vigorously-- I want to put my hand there and watch the water go past it!

illustration hehe

God is amazing.
Sending rain after a hot, hot day.

We may not have seasons that come and go, but the smell of rain and the abundance of sunshine can't be beaten.

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