Monday, March 15, 2010


Do any of ya'll know of any websites with wonderfully splendid pictures of dreamy looking rooms that you could refer me to? :) I've been looking through tumblr and I love what I see but they're just too sporadic to find! :(

MY NEXT OBSESSION is to look at wonderful, floaty, romantic, original and cosy rooms :)

Let me give you a couple of pictures to mull over, and if you know any, let me know? :)
Pretty please? :D

all images belong to their rightful owners, I got them from Google


Servant of the Most High said...


Nice blog.

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keShia* said...

Do you go around posting these sorts of comments on people's blogs? It may offend someone one day...!

But thanks anyway

estherlauderlyn said...

you might find something here :)

keShia* said...

i love it!!! thanks!!!