Saturday, April 10, 2010

Heat of the Moment.

The dangers of shopping impulsively is that you may buy something driven by emotion!
Today I was out shopping with D and he spotted the "perfect" pair of shorts. They were black (easy to match with different coloured t shirts), they were pin-striped (his fave), they were skate shorts (they last foreverrrrr), and they were available in his size (oh hallelujahh!).

Of course, hefty price tag-- but WHO CARES, right? It fits! It's there! It's the one he's been searching for after yonks of wearing the same ol pair for a year now!

But he didn't buy it immediately.
He said, "Now I'm driven by emotion. I'll come back another time to buy".

Smart move.
Otherwise, he would have spent a block of money on a pair of shorts he thought was perfect at that moment!

How many things have you bought in the heat of the moment?
Tops? Dresses? Make up? Shoes? Belts? Shirts? Caps? Sunnies?

Couple of hours later D mentioned again, "Emotions aside. Imma get those shorts"
And he did.

And that, people-- is the RIGHT way to shop!
You know, without spending unecessarily ;)

Have a great week ahead!


Wenzz said...

Haha but then again this is easier said than done because imagine if you do end up wanting something and you come back for it but THERE IS NO MORE. *gasp*


Well at least that's the reasoning I always use to make myself feel better hahaha.

Sands said...

That was a great read, just had to post

keShia* said...

Wenni: THEN THE FATES HAVE SPOKEN! hehehehe at least that's how I console myself kekeke

Sands: Thank you!

daniel said...

perks of doing sales as a career. you know the buying/selling process, emotions and urgency involved heh

keShia* said...

poon: so from now on, may ALL your shopping purchases be the same!! :D kekeke