Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2nd Day

O hello everyone :)

This post comes from the office! :)
MY VERY FIRSTEST office-desk-job! Exciting, in a dull way :\

While there is ALOT to learn/get familiarised with, I can't help (because I'm a girl) but to miss my other old crappy jobs too :( As crappy as they were, I was MOBILE. I moved, did stuff and saw things.

Now all I do is sit on my bum, and wait for lunch, and then sit some more and wait to go home.
Hehehe, and yea yea okay I do some work in between the sitting and lunch and the going home part :\

What did I get myself into?

I'll check in with you again on the status report of my job.
Let's see if this job will become an ENJOYABLE career? :)

But between you and me, I'd much rather be lying on the beach with D getting my tan back :)
I'm like a white whale now! roar!


志文志文 said...


Joanne, Zuo-en said...

got an extra space next to you on the beach? i'd loooooove to join u guys and be the 3rd wheel. i'm THAT desperate for a holiday!! :P

keShia* said...

jo: HAHAHAH you so silly!!! don't need to be 3rd wheel, we'll call other ppl ok more more ppl flood kao the beach and we'll all be nice and brownedddddd :D

daniel said...

you're never the third wheel lah woman haha! we like going holidays with you ... bangkok lah sinjiapo lah

min6919 said...
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