Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Parallel Stories

  • Charlene found out her neighbour is a kleptomaniac
  • She's a lying scumbag. A bitch, too.
  • She knows its wrong but doesn't care. She likes it. She "can't help it".
  • Charlene doesn't like her, but Charlene lives next to her. 
  • Charlene knows her kids. They like Charlene, Charlene likes them.
  • One day, Charlene catches her neighbour breaking into another neighbour's house.
  • Glass shards all over the yard, sneaking, snaking and stealing happens.
  • Someone reports the break-in
  • BUT! 
  • The owner of the house that was broken into is taken into jail ???
  • She goes scott-free! 

Absolutely nothing to do with anything.

He is taking one for mankind ;)

To those of you who know what I'm talking about please... SHH.

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