Sunday, May 02, 2010

Brides ONLY.

I noticed how (almost!) unimportant the groom is on his own wedding day!
Nobody cares how he looks, they just look at the bride

Giving her the once (maybe 4) times over, looking her up, down, left, right. Critiquing, praising or feeling indifferent about how she looks.

The groom?
"Oh.. hehe congratulations! Your bride is beautiful!"

Poor groom ;P


Shivam said...

maam i have been following ur blog for quite some time now. i love it!!!
u write very do u get so many ideas in ur mind..? plz help me i also write my blog but den ppl say its juiceless. nothing cud u plz help me how to write and tell how to get new ideas in mind...

keShia* said...

shivam: thank you! all the things i write about are inspired by daily things :) and honestly, they just come off the top of my head, i rarely try to come up with something interesting :)

just be honest with yourself when you write. impress nobody, your blog is for yourself!