Sunday, May 02, 2010

Nut In a Shell..

The people that surround me for most parts of the day and most parts of the week are painfully and excruciatingly dull *makes face*. Maybe I'm not making enough effort to connect. You know, to bond? Or maybe something simpler-- be nice.

Okay, I am nice. I have been nice to them. All the time!

I treat them with utmost respect, never being sarcastic (holy moly this has been quite a challenge), never being rude, making minimal bodily noises (ie: SNEEZING, mind you-- not farting, gee!), speaking in my "sweet voice" tone, as in not my low couldn't-care-less voice, smiling as much as I can (even when I'm not doing anything), asking them personable questions during lunch as an attempt to get to know them better, not dressing too flashy (lest they think I'm flashy), not dressing too dull (lest they think I'm dull)

Argh I think I've tried everything!

But still. There are just some people that you just CANNOT click with. There is absolutely no wavelength to match! Other than the fact that we all don't have any specific peeve about food, there's nothing else that we have in common.

Personality type CRASH-BURN-DEAD.

Do you know what's the most stifling part?
Is that they didn't laugh at the ONLY joke I know *cry
Yes, that's right-- they didn't laugh at my char siew pao joke!



HappyE for today:

  • Napped on the most comfortable bed I've napped on EVER!
  • Getting plenty of hugs and kisses from D
  • Eating the awesome-nest pork noodles in the WORLD. The WORLD.


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pork noodles near taman bahagia? :)

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