Monday, May 03, 2010

Wise Words I've Heard Throughout My Life

  • Work first, relax later (mmmm!)
  • Put money aside first, spend the rest
  • Your parents are the most important people in your life. Until you get married
  • Then your spouse is the most important person in your life
  • Don't tell your children if you're rich (word!)
  • When possible, don't home-school your kids
  • Dress to flatter yourself-- not anyone else.
  • Walk with your shoulders squared
  • Have your money work for you (via Cash Flow Quadrant and Rich Dad Poor Dad)
  • Don't hunch!
  • Wake up early, sleep early (don't think I've ever heeded this one though)
  • Begin with the end in mind. 
  • Aim to be your own boss
  • Choose happiness
  • Hard, so what? Give up ah! (Yea, ahhuh. You said it)
I'm sure there are more. Just the few that pop out right now.

HappyE for today:
  • Chocolate croissant 
  • Good hair day :)
  • White hair band (D's favourite)

For the record, today is a horrible day :(
A smile is SO hard to forge mmmmf.



daniel said...

you forgot "hard so what? give up ah!"

you're soooooo pretty :D

keShia* said...

daniel: OH YA! imma add that in :) thank you sayang <3

shereen said...

hehe.. i like the one bout dressing to flatter yourself :)

argh... saw dresses in VS.. so pretttyyyyyyy =/

keShia* said...

shereen: if you dress to impress others, you'll never be happy!!
and YES, VS dresses are AMAZING. still drooling over the versatile dress btw :(

Katherine said...

"work first, relax later"
--advice from parents all my life

keShia* said...

katherine: same here! they tell me that almost everyday :) <3 asian parents heh