Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cold Calling.

There are several things that don't work.
A few come into mind when I think of things that DON'T work.

Online marriage matches.
Free Iphones over the internet.
Things made in China.
A CatPuppy.
The love between a cactus and a balloon.

You know what else doesn't work?


I know. Sales strategies don't usually make its way into my mind ramblings, but I can totally relate to this article sent to my by D this morning. Ugh, cold calling makes my skin crawl and want to scratch the blackboard with the garden rake!!!!

I don't know which company can tell me straight in the face (backed with sales figures, of course) that cold calling works for their company. If any one sort of sales strategy is yielding you less than 20% of your gross earnings, you should do away with it. WHATS THE POINT?! Wasting resources, killing your staff slowly, not to mention making potential clients ANGRY!

Hahaha looks like the world agrees with me too!


daniel said...

I DO cold calling sayang. It's my job. Succession rate is waaaaaaaaay below 20% but! I love the challenge. It's second nature. Trains you to speak correctly within the first 20 seconds of call. Imagine what that does for face to face first impressions.

Cold calls ftw!

ITSCCChaneey. said...

-ahahah, your funny,
keep it up(:

keShia* said...

Daniel: But you do research before calling and your WHOLE company (well almost) depends on the sales made from the summits! So how does that NOT contribute 20% hm?? but kudos. I know sometimes you do cold calling. I HATE IT TO NO END.

Chaney: Thanks :D You're pretttyyy <3

Joanna Faith said...

i got like a gazillion of those yest on my cell. and in the US you PAY everytime someone calls you..

so daniel, don't call me :P