Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meatball Pasta

Meatball pasta is my absolute favourite comfort food. ABSOLUTE.
So I make it myself when I'm at home.
Somehow, those in restaurants don't have that homey feel to it!

Easy peasy!

Grab as much minced meat as you want
Season it with salt, pepper, dried herb of your choice
Break ONE egg yolk into the meat
Add minced garlic 
MASH it up.

If the meat mixture's too runny
Add one tea spoon of flour.

Heat up pan with oil (nice and hot!)

Mold the meat into awesome balls :D
Drop them into pan and cook.

DON'T FUSS. Let it cook. 

I usually have my meatballs with a marinara sauce.

So.. when the meatballs are golden brown and smelling awesome, add in some tomato puree and some freshly chopped tomatoes (or those from a can, I won't judge you), 
Add in roughly chopped onions
 **Onions are added later to preserve crunch and sweetness. One whole plate of mush isn't that great in my opinion :\

Add some milk and cheese to thicken the sauce.
Let it simmer for about 10 minutes.

Season as you see fit.
**Bear in mind your meatballs are already salted, and tomatoes are naturally sweet and savoury. Remember to TASTE before adding seasoning.

Pour BOILED pasta over and MIX MIX MIX 
** When boiling pasta, don't add oil. The oil will only coat the strands of pasta, blocking it from absorbing all the awesome sauce you just cooked up there with the meatballs!
** Noodle-like pasta suits best for this recipe. 

This was mine yesterday :)
My HappyE as well :)

Let me know if you tried it? :)

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