Sunday, May 30, 2010

End of May.

Just like that! 5 months have passed! JUST LIKE THAT!
Siao man.

In just 2 days, it's going to mark that half a year has passed. This year wooshed right by me!
I took a step back to see if my new year's resolution was still... upheld.
I'm glad to say it is! :)

I'm determined to make this year the bestestestest year I've had!
TRUE, I'm getting older, and fatter (much to my dismay BUT I'M WORKING ON IT!), BUT I'm also (determinedly) getting more fabulous haha.
I'm at the peak of my youth! I must milk it! We are only in our 20s ONCE, and it's not easy to feel as fabulous when we're older! There's a season for everything.. like high school, college, uni, fabulous, weddings, marriage, kids, etc etc, so NOW is the time for fabulous!

Youth should NOT be wasted on the young, so we have to live it well! :D

Speaking of fabulous, CHECK OUT these pimped out Doc Martin lookalikes!

I'd wear these with my hill billy shorts and a cute baggy shirt :D
Also, cannot forget the JUST WOKE UP HAIR.
I love it! How are those trinkets attached to boots not awesome???
Mmm, admittedly, they may be heavy. I mean look! I spot keys belt buckles, buttons, pins and even some christmas ornaments! But this will only mean exercise for your calves! Without risking the chance for back problems as opposed to wearing 4 inch high heels (which I love, btw, but these are still more awesome).


Last Friday was spent with a few friends drinking :D
Hee hee, do you know how long it has been since I last went out drinking? With the sole purpose of letting loose, getting wasted (semi) and having fun?

5 YEARS!!!!
5 YEARS!!!!
That's too long! :)

So anyway, the Friday in question can be pretty much summed up to this:



Have an amazing week, ya'll! :)
Happy beginning June! :)

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