Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy! :)

Despite being PMS week (yes the red aunty will arrive anytime now!), the week has been good to me. Busy, but good. Lots of work, but best part of it was the amazing 3 day weekend that has YET TO END! :)

Up in the States, there's labour day weekend,
Up in England, there's bank holiday weekend,
Here in Malaysia, there's Wesak weekend! :D

Yesterday night was spent getting semi-wasted with the people I love mostest :D

Good vibes, people! Good vibes :)


On a side note, the blog's hits have DRASTICALLY DROPPED.
I'm quite sad! :(
Hahah, attention whore, much?


Tomorrow's a Sunday, the last day of our good 3 day weekend :( Back to work on Munday and lets see how the start of June unfolds! 10 more days, guys!! 10 days till the FIFA World Cup officially begins!

Which country are you rooting for? Although D thinks England has a real good chance of winning it this year, I'm going to choose to support GERMANY! It's time for 2002's sweet revenge to HAPPEN! Also, the endearing Aussie team :) I like them  because them 11 men wear tight black jerseys hee hee hee hee hee hee


Okay sleepy time!


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