Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thought Process.

o hai :)

  • DARN I wish for some fried noodles now!
  • How come it's so cloudy today yet so hot? Must be the stupid haze.
  • ZOMG the house all to myself (and occasionally brother) for the next 10 days! If only I were 18 and rebellious and want to have alcoholic parties! Sigh.
  • Needa get my singing on.
  • Frieeeed NOOOODLES.
  • Getting to a meeting at 5.30pm in the CITYYY is a pain in the butt. 
    • WHY must it be at 5.30pm! Don't these people know that 5.30=rush hour? 
  • Woah, I had no idea I could make a mini bullet out of a bullet point on blogger! Not too bad eh B)
  • I know someone who hates eggplant, but I LOVE THEM. Especially when cooked with chilli. SLURP! Oily velvetty mushy goodness mmm!
  • Speaking of slurp, I could do with some lunch now.
  • Gotta get off my ass and do some ass-zero-sizing.
  • Can you believe a skinny girl who gives you reasons why she thinks she's fat?
    • Puh-lease! Skinny girls don't think! *hehehehhe. 
  • I love my BB9000 but the ball is getting old. Old, and inefficient.
  • I can't wait for a tanning holiday. I just realised how PASTY I am. How can?! Cannot!
  • Mmmm, I miss Kampar's meen pao kai 'D:
  • Houses around this side of town is exorbitantly priced. It's like they want us to be homeless.
  • Like, omgah. 
  • OMG- Usher's new song is so sexy it makes boys wanna hump you (??).
  • Creamy Guiness.. Mmm
  • I hAt3 iT whEn PpL^ TyP3 Lyk diS~

Okay, bored now.
Do your own thought vomit :)


Forgot my HappyEs!
  1. Back to my flexible work style life
  2. Schedules that I can see myself working towards
  3. Peace and quiet for 10 days!
  4. Naps! :D


shereen said...

ahaha! kampar food rocks!
min pao kai! :)

keShia* said...

are you from kampar too? :D
small town with power food!

shereen said...

yesh! i'm from there! lol.. now only i realised there are so many people from kampar! =D

keShia* said...

Hehehe I'm not from Kampar! Poon is :) I followed him back to meet his grandma and grandpa :)