Monday, May 24, 2010


If you don't already know (from all the hints at the store's mannequins)

The trend for colours this summery season are pastels.
In particular, the yellow :)

Yellow sun dresses, yellow wayfarers, yellow beads, yellow sandals, yellow leather!
Throw on a straw hat with stringed pearls, and I'd think you'd look perfect!

I personally hate pink in my wardrobe. I don't like wearing pink. Or powder blue. Hate these two (ironically, these colours are used widely to indicate baby genders hehe) colours the most. But maybe that's because they don't sit well on my skin ;( But then again, neither does yellow, really.

So I'd personally stick with beiges, greens, and lilacs. Oooh, lilac :)

Not a fashion guru or anything, but since summer is approaching, I'd drop the whole edgy/wet leggings/stud/high heel/cut out/cufflink/cage heels/hot pink lipstick/lady gaga look. It's a bit over done and not everybody looks good in it.

Lady Gaga's a satanist, anyway.

Ps: for the record, I'm seriously digging the old school electric blue mascara! Where can I get those nowadays?



Tova said...

Wish I could wear pastels! (extreme pastyness)

keShia* said...

Tova: Then maybe try some nice shades of sunshiney yellow or greens? Like a gradient? :)

哲維 said...
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