Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bad Skin

Probably mentioned in passing a few times about how difficult it is to manage my skin. Since the day I hit puberty, my skin and body has not been treating me well. Fluctuating weight, terrible skin, crazy cramps, and unmanagable hair


Right now it's the skin that's rebelling against me :(
Adding on to the weight and dry skin

As it is, the berry's camera is crap. Can you imagine the skin in REAL LIFE? Thank God all ya'll are in cyber space and only my work clients will get to see my horrid moon face T_T

You know, it's all the hormone's fault.


1 comment:

aimay C. T said...

just a question, what moisterizer do u use? day, night? whats ur diet like? skin type? cleansing routine, is your skin all dry or just in areas...

... if u dont mind, email me the details.. i might be able to help... this is my field. =]