Thursday, June 03, 2010

I Have to GET it OUT.

we have an underworld. and the prime minister is the president!
the floor has fever. high fever.
why is it that the universe and karma are dating?
what the hell is wrong with people nowadays?
cold skin against warm skin can either be amazing or disgusting.
asians are NOT poor. seriously.
i refuse to believe that cultures are limited.
why can't we stop being selfish and stop the damn war already.
stupid oil spills are UNNECESSARY. dolphins are freaking dying. FIX IT!
what is that itch you can't scratch?! so annoying!
if you say "turn your frown upside down" to me you will get slapped-- by my ponytail!
shiet my hair is finally long again!
get over yourself pls. so conceited wan you.
how is it all fair in love and war? i don't get it.
where is my big shiny necklace?!
crumbs, crumbs, I HATE CRUMBS! but i love toast. how?


my pms has obviously taken over.
i'm SO grumpy i could die!
i can't even be arsed to capitalise.
is it annoying? issit? issit?


1 comment:

daniel said...

this is a bit irrelevant but asians are not that poor. 1 in 4 HNWI is asian and the wealth of the world is moving towards asia.

HOWEVER, we have a few of the poorest countries in the wooooorld :(