Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Long Piak

Long piak-- simply means running towards a concrete wall.

4 years ago, when D and I decided to do the whole LDR thing, it was daunting.
My first ever real relationship and it had to be done 6700 miles apart.

What made it worse was the lack of support that I had-- especially from family members.
Every other day they'd tell me I'm stupid for choosing what I chose.
Every other dinner will be peppered with remarks about how pointless LDRs are.
Every other conversation with strangers or friends will be about how it's not gonna work out.
Every other line of communication was about how unreal our relationship was.

It was hard enough to go through it as a couple, let alone not have any support from my family.

Now? I see my brother going through the same thing.
I'm damn adamant with supporting his... *thing*, whatever it may be: because to me, it doesn't matter how it starts (though in many things, and many times, a shaky foundation makes eventually a shaky formation), but more importantly how it ends. It's tougher (I feel) to anticipate impending doom than to go through doom itself.

For me, counting down the days when D had to go was even tougher than going through the days without him. Word.

I won't say that I recommend all couples to do LDR because #1, it IS kind of looking for trouble/heartache unnecessarily, but if found in a situation like it? What is there to do but to work on it or bail?

Also #2, not all kinds of absence makes the heart grow fonder-- there are people I know who are literally the "out of sight, out of mind" kinds, that this woman goes through 3 boyfriends in a single year and then gets engaged to the 4th in matter of months. For some-- it's that easy. For others, not so.

So yea, I don't think my brother reads my blog (but if he does, HELLO!), but I think his girl does. So dear brother's gf, I hope you know that what you're going through IS the toughest thing a girl can go through in her unmarried life, but take heart and follow it. There's nothing anyone can say/do to make you feel better so in all things go to God the author and perfecter of your faith that He may be able to give you peace and wisdom to handle all of this in time to come.

Be it to bail or to hang on like there's no tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

來給你加加油~打打氣!!!更新之餘,也要注意休息哦~~ ..................................................

Kay Jen said...

thanks keshia =) your support really means a lot to me...and your brother. haha. i quake with terror of this ending really messily :S but it's like you said...just gonna suck it up and see where this leads us.

keShia* said...